Snoop Dogg Sues Popular Beer Brand


as_xg_snoop_2048In November of 2014 Pabst Brewing Co. was bought out by beer entrepreneur, Eugene Kashper. Apparently because of this sale, legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg is owed some money by Pabst. On Monday, Snoop Dogg sued Pabst Brewing Co. claiming the beer-maker owes him a portion of its proceeds from the company’s sale.Snoop Dogg signed a three-year agreement in 2011 to endorse Colt 45’s fruit-flavored beer called Blast by Colt 45, which was division of the Pabst Brewing Co. The lawsuit states his contract called for him to receive a portion of the sale price if Pabst sold its Colt 45 operations before January 2016.The breach-of-contract lawsuit seeks 10 percent of the net sales price paid to Pabst for its Colt 45 malt beer line.Snoop’s contract consisted of a few obligations that he had to meet on his end as well. Snoop was to consult with Colt 45’s marketing team at least once a year on how he could integrate Blast by Colt 45 into his concerts, interviews and social media posts. The Long Beach native received an upfront payment of $250,000 and an additional $20,000 for every 10th mention of the beer on social media, TV or during a concert.Snoop was also supposed to receive a royalty on each case of Blast by Colt 45 that was sold.The lawsuit states Pabst told the rapper that the sale didn’t trigger the clause entitling him to sale proceeds. There isn’t an official report on how much the company was sold for but it is estimated in the $700 Million range. If that is the case, Snoop may make a pretty penny if the lawsuit holds up.

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