Scarface Addresses Police Brutality and Racism via New Song "Mental Exorcism"


Some days when I listen to music, I miss Public Enemy, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, and a host of others. I miss the conscious artists that stood for something. That is not to say that today’s artists don’t reflect society’s issues in their music because many of them do. J. Cole, Common, Talib Kweli and quite a few others still take stands on issues they see plaguing the community but leave it up to a veteran of the game like Scarface to tackle America’s current hotbed issue of racism and police brutality head on with his new single, “Mental Exorcism.” Not only are the lyrics powerful but the visual is that much more powerful.The Houston rapper doesn’t skirt or dance around the issues, he tackles them straight on. Scarface has always been one of my favorite emcees and  I personally believe he is underrated but we will leave that convo for another time. Today the focus is on “Mental Exorcism” and the significance of Scarface’s words and this incredible visual. Check out the video below . 


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