Royalty Exchange and ICAP Patent Brokerage Create New Opportunities to Invest in Patent Royalties


Royalty Exchange, the world's only online auction marketplace for royalty-based assets, confirmed today it is entering the intellectual property (IP) market by announcing a collaboration with ICAP Patent Brokerage, the global leader in patent and IP transactions. Royalty Exchange and ICAP Patent Brokerage will team up to offer patent royalties for sale at auction through the Royalty Exchange website.

ICAP Patent Brokerage is the worldwide authority in IP market analysis and monetization, matching buyers and sellers of patents, trademarks and other IP assets. The revenue-generating patent royalties to be offered through Royalty Exchange are concentrated primarily in the technology sector, including innovations in electronic devices, electronic transactions, online gaming, sensors, video transmission and IT/cloud services.

“This is a groundbreaking partnership that brings together two market-makers to create new opportunities for both buyer and seller,” said Sean Peace, CEO of Royalty Exchange. “With the speed of innovation and applications in technology, the marketplace for IP has exploded and the upside is virtually unlimited.”

Peace added that in addition to providing unique alternative investments to a ready marketplace of buyers, the new IP auction platform represents an exciting new sales option for researchers, universities, inventors, and patent and trademark holders in tech, pharma and other sectors, who will now have access to a simple, turn-key solution for monetizing and liquidating IP assets.

ICAP Patent Brokerage is led by CEO Dean Becker, who manages its operations in North America, Europe, and Asia. Becker is one of the world's leading entrepreneurs in the development of next-generation technology markets, IP monetization, brokerage and asset sales. Under his leadership, ICAP Patent Brokerage has closed record-setting transactions in various industries, including cloud computing, social networking, smart cards, and consumer electronics.”

Today's IP market requires a substantial level of due diligence, analysis, and development,” said Becker. “Working with Royalty Exchange enables us to bring our leadership and expertise to a broader marketplace where demand for alternative investments continues to grow on a global scale.” Founded in 2011, Royalty Exchange gained the attention of the entertainment and financial industries with its innovative online auction platform, connecting buyers and sellers with turnkey transactional services in a secure, managed environment.

The business model was quickly embraced by royalty owners seeking liquidity, and investors seeking alternative financial assets insulated against traditional market dynamics. Royalty Exchange recently listed its largest entertainment auction to date, featuring producer's royalties from songs by platinum-selling rock superstars 3 Doors Down, including the international hit, “Kryptonite.”

The addition of IP and patent royalties to the listings of music and entertainment assets is part of the company's long-term objective of offering a wide range of royalty revenue streams, including film, TV, books, solar energy, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and more.

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