Report: Racism Widespread in the LGBTQ Community

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“Double Discrimination” Common According to New Study.

A new report indicates that racism is extremely prevalent in the LGBTQ community. 51% of Black, Asian and minority ethnic participants in the study state they have faced racism within the LGBTQ community. The situation is even more prevalent for Black LGBTQ participants in the study as 61% state facing discrimination in the LGBTQ community state facing more racism in the gay community than the white straight community. The study was performed by YouGov which polled LGBTQ people of color on their orientation, gender, and race which is also known as “Double Discrimination.” 
Acceptance from family and friends is still a big problem for many in the LGBTQ community with 32% of participants from all races feeling like they cannot be open or discuss their sexuality to their families. See more here


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