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RadioFacts Presents: Now-u-Know "Online Promotion"


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RadioFacts : -u-Know “

Now you have the tools to Promote Yourself!

30 Day Online Email Blast Seminar Aimed at , Independent Record Labels and Small Businesses in the industry.

New York, NY – January 15, 2010 – Finally the answers to your questions about promoting yourself, your business or your industry products online. Designed especially for industry people by industry entrepreneur kevRoss.

I talk about it daily, certain parts of the industry are ignoring the EXTREMELY viable online worldwide resource… you probably already know, that’s not too wise. Have you taken the time to cruise some of the sites and blogs today? Do you see the impact they are having on newspapers, magazines and OUR OWN INDUSTRY?

I talk to industry people in radio, records and media daily and I hear a lot of the same complaints and reservations. A lot of industry people are not to sure about the future and with good reason. Give yourself some insurance and arm yourself with the tools that you need to promote YOURSELF, perhaps a side project or your new business NOW. In 30 days, I am confident you will have learned a LOT about the art of online promotion.

Here’s your chance to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the opportunity to take your career, product and /or business to the next level.

I can’t even start to explain how good it feels to get up each day and run my own business. You may have no desire to do that but why not, AT LEAST, make yourself more marketable for future opportunities… WHY NOT CREATE an opportunity for YOURSELF?

RadioFacts is the NUMBER 1 urban industry resource. I’ve said that and it’s true and I’m going to show you some of the things it took me 2 years to learn about online promotion in just 30 days

Our first successful series Now-u-Know “The Music Industry” prompted me to create this series designed specifically for industry people who want to take advantage of an incredibly ignored opportunity. This includes, radio people, independent promoters, independent record labels, artists, industry business owners and people who want to move ahead at the labels…

Some of the topics we will cover are:

* Grow Your Business with Groups and more ignored resources

* The best times, days and places to promote your product

* Create, Maintain and utilize the BEST widgets for a FREE blog

* Checking the rankings and stats of your blog

* The Best Content to drive people to your blog

* Dos and Dont’s of promoting yourself online

* The Importance of Creating additional products

* Press Releases that get the MOST attention?

* Creating a mailing list, the easy way

* Using your specialty to your advantage

* Stop worrying about your job finding out you’re promoting yourself

* Promote your music online WITHOUT radio

* Get Radio’s Attention

* An area to promote your music or product TO radio that’s MOST ignored BY Radio.

* MOST effective Email Blasts

* How to get your pics and info all over the blogs.

* How to make it look like SOMEONE else submitted your material instead of you.

* Ways of promoting yourself to the industry WHILE you work in it.

* Why it’s important to promote yourself WHILE you work in radio

* Creating compelling videos and placing them

* FREE resources to promote yourself that everybody else pays for… and more…

Stop waiting… start promoting. Get specific tips for $1.00 a day. Short, concise and honest. Your privacy is my priority. I will not reveal you ordered the course to anyone my friends. I really think you will get a LOT out of this.

Thanks for your time


RadioFacts /Industry Expert/Editor Now-u-Know Series

Buy Now EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for $20.00 for 1 month. The course starts February 8, 2010

[The tips and information will not be available on the RadioFacts blog]

kevRoss – President


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