Popeyes Manager Calls Police on Woman Trying to Buy Homeless Man Food (video)


    Wonder if this manager would feel the same way if it was her mother, who was on the street and hungry. A door dash driver was trying to buy a man a two-piece meal at Popeyes and was told by the heartless manager that she could not do it. How can you tell someone WHO they can buy a meal for?

    To add insult to injury, the manager called the police on the student. This happened in Atlanta, and you can hear the manager saying, “Ma’am, you can’t do it,” another employee said. “I could care less about you recording me, baby.”


    CRAZY Popeyes in Atlanta would not let me purchase food for homeless! #atlanta #dontletthisflop #fyp #videoviral @popeyes @theshaderoom #FindYourEdge #fyp

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