Methods for growing your DJ business


So, do you want to start or grow your DJ business? There are lots of ways to do it. In this article, we’ll go over some methods that can help you get your business off the ground – or make it more successful. Read on for tips on how to make a name for yourself in the DJ world!

Networking is crucial.

You can’t just sit home and expect people to contact you for gigs. You have to reach out! Join a DJ organization reaches out to a club owner online or at a local event. Even if they don’t have anything going on right now, they will remember your name when an opening does emerge. It can also help you engage with major record labels who could make your career within the industry. 

When contacting people for gigs, it’s essential you make a good impression. Send over your demo and any other relevant information (e.g., positive testimonials) in an easy-to-access place like Dropbox or Soundcloud. If you want to be friendly, send the links in a text message rather than an email; it’ll feel more personal, and you won’t be dependent on them opening your message.

After you’ve sent the link, wait until they open it. Then follow up with a phone call or text if you don’t hear back within two days. After that, send one more email, so they don’t forget about you. Fingers crossed!

Find your genre and stick to it.

DJing for one genre can make you an expert in the field. When people look for a DJ, they usually have a strong preference towards a certain type of music – so play it! Most importantly, enjoy what you’re playing. If you don’t like it personally, then your performance will show that. 

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with branching out. Playing a number of genres can make you versatile and open opportunities to play various types of events. This is especially useful if you’re a college DJ or a mobile DJ, as the people looking for these DJs tend not to have strong preferences for one genre.

But if you do end up playing a few different styles, don’t neglect the ones you love! Diversifying is great, but if your heart lies with EDM, then play EDM (except for maybe one event). 

Reliability is important.

Your whole reputation is based on one night. If you don’t show up or your performance isn’t what was expected, then that’s all people will remember about you – and probably not for the right reasons. 

That being said, if something legitimately comes up (e.g., an emergency), then let them know as soon as possible. Keep them updated on your progress, and the new expected time you’ll show up. If people trusted that you’d do what you said, then they probably won’t mind if there is some kind of delay or change to your schedule.

Be yourself!

No one wants to hire someone who seems like they’re faking their confidence. Fake confidence is really transparent. So don’t be afraid to show them what your personality is like – it’s a part of you after all!

Lastly, have fun at your own shows and let that shine through when people are watching.

If you’re excited about the event, then others will be too. The whole point of DJing is that you love the music, and your passion should shine through whenever you’re performing – whether it’s a paid gig or just for fun!

Get the right equipment.

People are easily impressed when you bring in lots of equipment. For example, if you’re playing in a club and you have multiple lighting fixtures or fog machines, then the crowd will probably be more inclined to appreciate your music when they see all that production.

But don’t go overboard! Having too much equipment is just tacky, especially if it’s not that expensive.

It’s better to invest in your equipment and upgrade as needed, rather than buying everything possible because you think that’ll impress people.

Also, don’t forget the basics like a reliable laptop! It may seem obvious, but having a laptop crash during a performance can be quite frustrating (and embarrassing sometimes).

Take time off 

Choose something to do other than DJ’ing during your time off. Practice one of your other hobbies! Maybe you are into cycling, gaming, or online gambling.There are various online games, but video poker is a great thing to try. Here, you can play classic poker which operate over real time, pitting you against the computer. If this sounds like fun to you, try video poker at You’ll definitely find something to take your mind off of music! 


In the end, DJing is about playing music to people who want to hear it. Follow these tips, and you should have a great time spreading your passion for music! Good luck with your new venture!


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