Growing up with the name “Love” wasn’t easy for the Montreal-born, New Jersey-raised artist Love Mansuy, who learned early on that people around him would always expect him to embody “love.” Love, who was raised unconventionally, would struggle to understand “love” in a conventional way, thus began a lifelong exploration on how “love” has manifested in the singer-songwriter’s life over the years. Of Age which is out today, is a candid contemplation on Love’s more recent partnership and newfound fatherhood, but it only scratches the surface of his journey. Listen to the EP in its entirety HERE.

Accompanying the EP is a series of short vignettes, one for each of the 8-songs on Of Age, that come together as a short introduction to the narrative outlined in each song. Directed by Love’s childhood best friend, Quran Squire, the two worked together to create a visual component to the EP that conveys the feelings that Love explored during the making of Of Age. In Love’s own words, “once I became a father, I had to re-examine every aspect of my life. From relationships, to finances, to spirituality, reflecting on my childhood and constantly being forced to think about my future. When I started writing songs for Of Age, I noticed my songwriting had changed. I started to ask myself different questions and more of them… the process of writing the music for the EP was more about the act of being curious, investigating the present and thinking more about the past and future.”

Watch Of Age in full HERE

Of Age kicks off with “Three Ounces,” an effortless, choir-assisted dedication to his two-year-old, Carter Love Mansuy which includes a recording from the first time Love held his son. “Count On You”, a smooth R&B number is Love at his most vulnerable as he examines the parameters of his relationships with his partner, mother and grandmother. “No Love” was written during a recent, darker time in Love’s life when his partner and son left because of financial stress. The period after this is further explored in the self-explanatory “SUMMERTIMEBREAKUP.” “Mom’s Due,” is especially arresting. It’s a voice memo, from Love’s partner, in which she confronts him. This piece, Love explains, “let me know how my partner felt during the entire process of designing a life of our own. And I wanted her voice to be heard as another perspective.” The deeply emotive “Dad’s Don’t” finds Love reflecting on “Mom’s Due” with flexing vocal runs and a tone that would please fans of both serpentwithfeet and Frank Ocean. The Day Wave-produced, bass guitar-driven “KIDS” is reminiscent of Tame Impala and expands Love’s range to include dreamy bedroom pop. Ending the journey is “We Don’t Follow Rules,” a song that sees Love looking towards the future; embracing unconventional love.

Of Age is a heart-wrenching window into a soul struggling with the realities of bringing life into the world and committing to the process. The EP finds Love Mansuy in excavation mode, digging up emotions and putting them under a sonic microscope in order to get closer to an understanding of what “love” really is. With a name like Love, it’s no wonder his process feels more like prophecy.

Of Age Tracklist:
Three Ounces
Count On You
No Love
Mom’s Due
Dads Don’t
We Don’t Follow Rules

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