Lil Wayne Reveals He Has Epilepsy


Lil WayneWith TMZ reporting that Lil Wayne was on the verge of death, there were a lot of friend, family, and fans worried about the rapper’s state of health and mind. Even the relatives of Emmett Till were praying for the health of Lil Wayne after his controversial lyrics about the fallen civil rights symbol.  During an interview with Power 106“²s DJ Felli Fel, Weezy,who mentioned that he is “100 percent now,” also revealed that he’s epileptic and is “prone to seizures.”He tells the radio station, “This wasn’t my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh”¦I have had a bunch of seizures, you just never hear about them.”  Mr. Carter went on to say he had three seizures in a row, which caused his heart rate to drop to almost a disastrous level.    “My heart rate went down to 30 percent,” he said. “I have people around me who know how to handle it. This time was real bad because I had three back to back and the third one was so bad”.  While some have suggested that  Lil Wayne’s lifestyle of sippin’ a little too much sizzurp caused his seizures, he was quick to say and  explain that  it was “plain stress and no rest. That’s just typical me.”This fast lane lifestyle that many rappers and entertainers live cannot be healthy. This whole “sleep when your dead” mentality may come true sooner than later if we don’t take the time to get the proper rest we need.

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