Black Father Beats Daughter for Doing a Twerk Video on Facebook Is this Abuse?


“Black father” can someone explain to us what that is?   His daughter(s) is probably wishing this black man SHOULD have also left, this would be considered abuse by some standards… but she certainly won’t forget how stupid her idea was… your thoughts?   Here’s our thoughts. This man is wrong, it’s evident he is channeling his own frustrations on these girls and while the effects of the beating will go away the stain of posting the video online and the humiliation will not. He’s beating them like slaves tied to a tree with a whip.   Some of us would say “That’s what these kids need today…” What black kids “NEED” is both parent’s love and support.   You don’t build self esteem by beating it into a child. Would you allow someone else to beat your kids like this? Then why would you do it?


  1. Why in The Hell would you put up a video of you Disiplining your kids. I realize what they did was inappropriate and they need to be taught a lesson but beating your kids is not the answer and giving them a taste of their own medicine by posting a Video beating them up is NOT COOL it is just Stupid

  2. Wow! I completely agree with this father. He is combating shorter dresses and the media that tells young girls that stripper and prostitute behavior is acceptable. No it is not. Spare the rod spoil the child. And If your not “Black” how in the world are you going to tell anyone what “black” kids need. Every child needs discipline and this is why you don’t see black children going into schools and movie theaters killing people because there mother took their cell phone.

  3. WoW ! This right here was so old school . .When your dad is around and you act up Well”. A lot of my sons friends ask them .Is that your real dad? And they would say yeah that’s my dad.My sons would tell them.Sometime it’s good and sometime it’s not. And ” THIS IS THE I’M NOT” gone do it no more daddy part of it ! So be mindful of what you do. And who you call your friends.My sons have found out that some folks Don’t like that..They don’t have what you have.So they will set you up just to see if that’s your real dad. And to see if he gone help you… And he will cause he LOVE YOU and want the best for you.
    So keep God first and listen to your family. BE WELL


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