Legendary DJ Mary Mason’s Grandson Pleads Guilty to Theft from her Will

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Mary Mason, who is the legendary on air personality at WHAT, an African American owned Radio Station , smiles while in the Radio Station ‘s renovated studios. DN Photo/*Maialetti 05/29/2001
Mary Mason was not only a legendary DJ in Philly, she was a savvy businesswoman who saved and invested her money into lucrative investments like real estate. She wanted to make sure she didn’t turn out like many other seniors from the industry before her who were broke and out of options for care. She left her will to her son who she trusted but she did not count on him dying young, which he did, which in turn left her money to HIS son, her grandson who some say went on a spending spree with her money.Mason’s bill at the nursing home was not being paid and they were threatening ot evict her in the midst of her suffering from Alzheimers. As a result, she had to be placed n a less expensive facility as she approaches the age of 88 this year.The grandson has pleaded guilty to two counts of felony theft as a result. Calvin Steven Turner IV, 34, entered his plea at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, PA. He has to repay a total of $331,000 and give 100 hours of community service. If Mason dies within the next 10 years his debt will be forgiven as he is the next of kin to receive the benefits from her will. Turner IV was left the money, over 1 million when his father died in 2012.



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