Kevin Mills


Kevin Mills, also known as DJ Kevin Crocker, is a classic soul/funk music DJ, MC and producer from Washington, D.C. Since the ‘70s, spinning became a professional hobby, as he became a dance music reporter for Billboard, Record World and various music magazines. Kevin even had a NY agent book him for special parties domestically and in Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Virgin Islands. In the late 80’s, Kevin moved to Atlanta, Georgia and became an Announcer and Music Director of KISS 104.1, a leading urban music Radio Station producing Atlanta’s first radio mix show and later his distinctive mixes were syndicated in 11 radio markets as he also hosted and played at many of the regional clubs.

Kevin took on the last name moniker Crocker, in admiration of his friend, the immortal legendary NY Radio Hall of Fame announcer, Frankie Crocker. Kevin was Frankie’s DJ in the days when he was touring and promoting music projects south of the Mason-Dixon line. Dubbed “The Music Rocker” (similar to Frankie’s “Chief Rocker” moniker), from industry pros, fans and friends, Kevin’s unique style & technique of mixing music and crowd pleasing is a formidable talent that has attracted the likes of record labels, producers, promoters, club owners and event planners who continually demand his services for hire.

Kevin Crocker, The Music Rocker has been an interactive force through the ever changing dance music trends of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the new millennium. A premier master-mixer, former radio personality and professional party man for over 3 decades, Kevin has done it all.

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