Industry Vet Larry Doc Elliott in Hospice Care


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UPDATE: Doc Elliott died this afternoon (August 12, 2015)
“Unfortunately as many of you may know Larry “Doc” Elliott also known as Larry O’Jay to his listeners, but simply as “Dad” to me has endured some severe medical complications this past year and has been under hospice care for the past few months. My father’s voice has been morning alarms, pm drive guides, and mellowing moods for the past 40 years. His bubbly spirit and loving personality has touched many from as far west as San Fransisco, California (KBLX) to as far east as Washington, DC (WHUR) and many cities in between…Milwaukee, WI (WAWA), Detroit, MI (WJZZ) (WJLB), Atlanta, GA (WVEE). To assist the family in planning memorial services, final resting arrangements, and to alleviate some of the medical financial responsibilities this fund has been created. If anyone may have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Thanks in advance. Each and every contribution would be greatly appreciated.”

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