Do Independent Labels Want Everything For Nothing?

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 width=I get a lot of email from industry people who ask various questions. One that I got this week peaked my interest.”Why are Independent Labels so Cheap!!”This person is an independent promoter and he was complaining about independent labels who expect the world for nothing and how tired he was of making his pitch for business for the bullsh… money they offer.First let me start off by saying not ALL independent labels are cheap however, it is a reasonable question and at one time, I myself asked the same question but here’s the part you may not want to hear. Have you ever noticed that when people ask this question they almost always compare it to “They wouldn’t treat white industry people that way?” Well that’s true. As a matter of fact I JUST had a situation that happened with me where I made a big mistake with a potential client that very closely relates to this subject. [read the whole story in the Radio Facts FORUM]



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