Frank Ski Comes Clean about The state of the Music Industry and Cross Dressing Co Host


(pictured Miss Sophia, entertainment reporter/co host Frank and Wand a morning show)I like both Frank and Gyant. I like what both of them are doing. Frank makes some very good points here. I've always said if I had ANY interest in programming a Radio Station today, I would INTENTIONALLY hire midgets, hand icapped announcers, a senior citizen, gays and lesbians and an ape to host middays… anyone who could do the job ONLY because I KNOW most programmers (even the gay and bi ones) are on GROUP THINK mode. That means they probably would hire the same people too if they didn't have to hear the backlash from the rest of the programmers (laugh). I wouldn't give a flying first fook. One must program for the audience and not for what other motha fookas THINK!GUTV: Studio Sessions/ Frank Ski from Gyant UnpluggedTV on Vimeo.

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