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What’s Going to Happen to Wanda Smith at V103?

 width=V103 () should change its to “The People’s TRAIN Station.” (lol). ESPECIALLY when it comes to females. The station seems to have a VERY hard time deciding where to place female on air talent. Thus far, the only on air female that’s been stable is Wanda Smith…. or IS she?

Ever since Porche Foxx’s second firing, there has been nonstop shuffling of female air talent at the station. Porsche’s FIRST firing in 2005 brought in a male replacement Osei “The Dark Secret” which didn’t work so the station ended up REHIRING Foxx and then FIRED HER AGAIN at the end of 2008.   After her second firing staple Joyce Litel was terminated after being at the station for 20 years in Jan of 2010. It was rumored that she was to be replaced by  Boris Kodjoe and his wife … two actors yet inexperienced radio people who were going to talk about relationships. It didn’t pan out. To my knowledge the show is still -less two years later.

Elle Duncan was chosen to replace Foxx on middays from the show… then a few months ago Duncan, was again moved this time to mornings to replace Ms. Sophia, well Sophia’s not actually a woman but she played one on the radio (lol). Now, word is, Elle’s going BACK to Ryan’s show to replace HER replacement who quit this past week. the station has been looking for a replacement for Wanda forever but it keeps backfiring and Wanda gets to stay.

A few months back, Elle got into an on air with then producer over, of all things… a piece of sweet potato pie. Nina has since gotten the slice FOR the pie (instead of a slice OF the pie, I kill me) and gone to TV and Elle was suspended. Ramona Debreaux and Rashan Ali   have been filling in for the newly vacanted midday slot left open by Elle’s departure and the final choice was for Ramona which allegedly didn’t sit well with Rashan, which is allegedly why she quit.

I’m exhausted from explaining that. Someone posted CBS is interested in getting Foxx to come back again, which I seriously doubt considering the reason she was fired both times.   V103 has managed to remain a non-corporate, corporate station still allowing jocks to be themselves and to have personalities. The station has also made some odd moves including hiring a male stripper to be an announcer over the past year. What’s going to happen next?

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