Chevron Supports STEM Education


 In a new STEM Global Action Today article, the Chevron Corporation is commended for corporate responsibility and its work with STEM NOLA, a New Orleans non-profit that brings STEM education to under-resourced communities. With contributions from Chevron and others, STEM NOLA puts K-12 children on pathways to success in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

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“With outstanding companies like Chevron as our partners, we are generating enthusiasm towards STEM subjects and guiding children towards fields that are creating tomorrow’s quality jobs,” says Dr. Calvin Mackie, founder of STEM Global Action and STEM NOLA.  “We want to ensure there are No More Lost Einsteins. Chevron stands with us in initiating and sustaining programs that nurture children and prevent their talents from being lost.”

The article notes that since 2018 Chevron has contributed more than $335,000 to help STEM NOLA provide education virtually during the pandemic and in-person at churches, schools and community centers in low-income neighborhoods. Over the last eight years, Dr. Mackie’s programs have impacted more than 100,000 K-12 children, 20,000 families and 5,000 schools in the U.S., and five other countries.

Leah Brown, a Manager of Corporate Affairs at Chevron, says the company’s contributions are part of their mission of supporting organizations that advance STEM education.

“We believe that our social investments are a key part of the broader success that we seek to achieve as a corporation and as a business,” Brown says. “We truly feel that investing in STEM and organizations like STEM NOLA is critical to our future and to the nation’s future. As a company, we are committed.

We believe that when you give children STEM skills, you are helping them to be more employable. And you’re giving them an opportunity that could be life changing, not only for them, but for future generations to come.”

In April, Chevron sponsored Family Night at STEM NOLA.  

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