Cable Companies Come to their Own Rescue FINALLY offer Cable Options


HBO_logo_stock.0-1It’s no secret that cable companies have been in trouble for a long time. People, even myself, hate paying an average of $150.00 a month for channels they never watch. Perhaps you have noticed most companies are going the subscription route, software companies have been doing in droves and now the cable companies have finally seen the light and they are starting with a test market for HBO. You don’t have to have cable to watch it now (as of yesterday) and you can watch it on  your computer and iPhone devices. It’s free for the first month and you can best believe the cable giant (TimeWarner) will be rolling out more channels and smaller packages soon. JUST in the nick of time from being brutally taken over by services like Netflix and HULU.  Since most people can use apps on their TVs the packages will probably be available as apps by next year. hbo CEO Richard Plepler is thrilled about the new concept that is also an effort to attract younger viewers to the vintage cable channel. I can tell you right now, I will be signing up myself.

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