Big Latto Announces New Music Video For “It’s Givin”


Hot girls finally have a music video on the way from one of Latto’s standout tracks off her latest album, 777, which was released this year in March under RCA.

Earlier today, Big Latto announced the video premiere for “It’s Givin,” across her social media platforms at 7PM EST. The choice to release a video for this song is understandable, considering the popularity it has gained from social media. Although this song isn’t an official single off the album, fans and general listeners alike have fallen in love with the track, using the song in viral videos to embody the boss energy Latto speaks of within her lyrics.

The 13-second clip gives us a brief glimpse of what to expect from tomorrow’s video. We see Latto looking like the executive boss, whether she’s sporting her blonde hair in a traditional blazer or long black tresses in a more revealing, but still business-inspired, outfit. There are brief cuts to multiple scenes of Latto in an office/cubicle space as she raps the lyrics and personifies the “boss bitch mentality,” spoken about within the song. Other scenes briefly show her solo in a white marble-esque room or in front of dancers performing traditional choreography and twerking (because who doesn’t love to see both?).

Latto leaves much to the imagination when it comes to what her music video will display. Even the song’s visualizer, which was released also released in March, doesn’t offer many clues of what we should expect from the upcoming music video. What’s certain is that Latto will be serving us the boss energy and unbridled confidence as she’s done since her arrival on the scene as a rapper.

We were first introduced to Big Latto through the first season of Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game,” and she hasn’t left the public view since. Although she won the show’s first season, she turned down their record deal, deciding to remain an independent artist. Her songs “”Bitch from da Souf” and “Muwop” solidified her standing in the rap game, and propelled her forward into stardom.

With the release of her sophomore album, 777, Big Latto has received her well-deserved flowers as a phenomenal lyricist and inspiration to others. She more than deserves the praise especially since she’s displayed an exceptional amount of growth in the two years between her album releases. Fans have been dying to get more from her sonically and visually, which is apparent from the social media response to the teaser she dropped earlier today.

Latto gave us a special performance of “It’s Givin” during the 2022 VMAs that merged regal and bougie in the collaborative video with Burger King. She spent most of the almost two-minute video in a lavish mansion or behind an extravagantly colorful wall of flowers adorned with her crown and matching throne. Maybe we can expect some big royalty vibes from her in the official release of her video.

The video premieres tomorrow at noon EST. What did you think of the preview of “It’s Giving?”

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