8 Things that will Most Likely Change after the Self-Quarantine

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The universe is purging itself right now. Forcing all of us to sit back, relax and THINK about who we are, what we do, where we are going and if we are happy.

Avoid it if you might but that alone time will get you every time. This is a good thing for our futures, the self-evaluation doesn’t come often without the interruption of everyday life and events but at this moment, there is no excuse to take a good hard look at our lives.

Los Angeles is incredibly peaceful right now. You can drive from one end of the city to the other in a reasonable amount of time, the energy has drastically shifted from always feeling like you are “on” to feeling like you are off. And I’m headed to the beach for the first time in 12 years. Yes, you read that right 12 fkn years with a beach chair my big ass has never taken the plastic off of. I LOVE the peace.

Here are a few things that we can all look forward to changing when the crisis is over. Click Next above or below for the Next Change

The Stress of Big City Living

Without question living in big cities and being entangled in the rat race is most certainly the foremost thing in a lot of people’s minds. It absolutely affects your health and can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Those who deal with heavy traffic, high rent rates, high taxes and a poor overall quality of life are probably rethinking the value or LACK of value and stress this kind of lifestyle has on them and whether or not they want to continue living like this.

Corporations and Telecomuting

Corporations spend a LOT of money on rent and utilities even though many get a tax break by hiring employees. Many are seeing the advantage of having some of those employees work from home as you read this and they are giving thought to the concept or fewer workdays. This would greatly benefit the environment and traffic in most major cities but fast-food chains and restaurants would be pissed off. Who cares?

Divorces and Marriages

People who don’t have the best relationships and who have been avoiding each other via their careers and time spent on the job are coming face to face with the reality that it might be time to move on. On the other hand there are people on the other end who might be realizing that it’s time to settle down.

Career Changes

For busy executives and even hourly workers, this is a great time to reflect on if they are happy with their lives. Does it make sense to keep working hard doing something that you don’t enjoy and not being fulfilled or having time to enjoy life?

Health Concerns/Gym Memberships

While many people will gain weight during the break others see the benefit of becoming one with nature and working out outside.

There are many people jogging on the streets at this time because it’s safer (traffic is lighter) and it still has social distance.

The body is meant to be one with nature not in a building working out and gyms can be quite disgusting because of people’s habits. The gym that I go to in LA stopped doing towel service because the disgusting old men were wiping their asses with the towels then tossing them on the floor. Not the most encouraging sight when you walk into the locker room.

In black families, you were guaranteed to grow up without the benefit of teeth if you did some sh like that. Black mothers didn’t play that. Jogging or walking outside can be a much better option.

Quality of Living

The quality of living in a place like Los Angeles is not as good as it once was at this point. The city is becoming more and more crowded, traffic is really bad and the cost of living continues to increase. Then again, maybe it’s my old ass. When you start talking about “the-way-it-used-to-be” … your ass is old!

The one bright spot in LA is always the weather but if you can’t get to the beach to enjoy it what’s the use? Other big cities are having the same problems with overcrowding like Atlanta where crime rates are increasing and you are not even safe at the gas station or parking your car. Traffic is also the biggest complaint of the residents which starts and ends with the 75/85 downtown which is too small for the city.

Financial Literacy

Everyone is forced to see how close they are to being homeless with a few interrupted paychecks.

Landlords and corporate communities love you as long as you pay the rent but if you have stopped paying they will become the Equalizer on yo ass and they will introduce you to these streets.

Owning property still puts you in the drivers seat. It may be a little more expensive but where else can you pay a mortgage for 10 years, provided you buy in a good area, then sell (I wouldn’t sell real estate but this is to make a point) then sell and get all of the money you have paid for the mortgage and more BACK? You have lived for 10 years … FOR FREE!!! And you get a tax break when you sell?

You are certainly not going to get money back from a landlord or apartment community. Also, if people are wise during the break they are also looking at their bank accounts, budgets, and spending.

The picture for many will look grim with fast food, coffee, restaurants, and subscriptions that you never use being the biggest culprit for robbing your back account blind.

Living in the Now

The rat race makes us make poor decisions on a regular basis. Going to events where we see the same people over and over. Dealing with heavy traffic. Paying high taxes and high rents. Trying to keep up and remain relevant with MFs we don’t even like and hustling our asses off to keep the money coming in. In these moments when all of that is gone, we are forced to spend time with what is most important, ourselves … and some of us are not going to like what we see. We don’t visit or spend enough time with ourselves or family and what are we working so hard for? To have a stroke or a heart attack?

Metaphor: Woman throwing away all that anchors her positive growth including people

Rethinking Value

As we get older everything boils down to “value.” And this free time will allow us to see how we are giving away our value for less than it’s worth. Working BS jobs that we hate. Not being promoted or given a raise in years or not being appreciated for what we bring to the table. One thing I can say about Walmart. They have a brain lock on their employees who are so loyal for that little pay and crappy health insurance it’s shocking.

No doubt some major corporations do all kinds of psych evaluations and research on how to make those employees that loyal because it makes no sense otherwise. I have a relative who works for Walmart who hasn’t been promoted in 10 years and has only had two raises. Yet Walmart means more to him than everything and he works insane hours that don’t allow him to go to school or to create other opportunities for himself and it’s affecting his health but he doesn’t care. He is like many other hourly employees in this country who do the same thing day in and day out.

Hopefully, this time allows people from all walks of life to dig deeper and find ways to live better. I know it’s opened my eyes to many things.


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