Judge Allows Lawsuit, Linda Fairstein Sues Ava Duvernay because ‘When They See Us’ equals ‘Now They See ME!’

ava duverney
Fairstein and the beautiful Ava Duverney

UPDATE: August 9, 2021. A judge has agreed to allow Linda Fairstein to sue Netflix and Ava Duverney for the portrayal of her by Felicity Huffman in Ava Duverney’s hit movie “When They See Us.”

The former prosecutor says her reputation was damaged, she lost speaking engagements and her publisher dropped her along with her being booted off of several boards for her overzealous participation in prosecuting the five black teens in the Central Park Jogging case aka The Central Park Five.

Fairstein is suing for damages for how she was portrayed in the movie “When They See Us.” Aww,…. Lest we forget the five black men who served all that time in prison for a crime they didn’t commit? Netflix responds that Fairstein’s suit is frivolous TMZ reports. We’ll keep you posted.

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