7-Year-Old Boy in Foster Care Found Dead in Washing Machine


A young boy named Troy Koehler, who was in foster care was found dead inside a washing machine at his foster parents’ home. He was missing this past Thursday morning in Spring, Texas, authorities said. He had been missing for more than 2 hours, police said.

“We are sad to report the missing 7-year-old we posted on earlier in the 4400 block of Rosegate has been found deceased,” Harris County Constable Mark Herman said Thursday on Twitter: “We ask for everyone’s prayers for the family.”

Police state they have no idea what took place concerning how the boy got into the washing machine or how he died. The foster parents were questioned, and no arrests have been made or charges filed.

The investigation is ongoing and there is no word on how the boy ended up in foster care or who his biological parents are or if they were contacted.

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