WOW: Elaine Gibbs brings an Exceptional Tribute Song for MLK to Consider


I have to admit, usually the songs that I get to promote for holidays leave a LOT to be desired but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It really drives home the need for King’s leadership in today’s troubling times in our community. The song is called:

Martin Can You Hear Us? is an anthem for these times.

  • The Class Wars.
  • The Culture Wars.
  • The Race War.
  • The War on Terror.
  • The Afghanistan War

Across the country and all around the globe citizens are crying out for a better way, yet one leader who fearlessly championed for the people is no longer here to shepherd us to “the promised land.”“Martin, can you hear us crying?” calls out the refrain. “Martin, can you hear us now…we need your spirit…Martin, we NEED you…” it pleads – all the while paying homage to Martin Luther King Jr.   a national hero – the first African-American to receive a monument in our nation’s capitol on the national mall.Four years ago Elaine Gibbs, a session singer in Los Angeles, recorded this song for songwriters Bob Dockery, Jr and Vinx. Bob – a veteran producer of radio shows, was looking to create a new anthem to include in his now famous urban radio specials for both the MLK Holiday and Black History Month. The demo languished for several years until Bob was inspired by the dedication of the King Memorial in October to polish up the track and release it in time to honor King’s legacy during the national celebration the weekend of January 13 – 16th, 2012.Since recording the demo, Elaine Gibbs gained a certain notoriety as a contestant on Fox-TV’s The  X-factor as a quarter-finalist and as favorite of Judge Nicole Sherzinger. Billed as a 53 year old “Wedding Singer” – the show failed to cherish or appreciate the church grown luster of her vocal delivery.The Martin Can You Hear Us? music video is submitted for year-round programming with special emphasis during the Martin Luther King Jr, Holiday and Black History Month as well as the commemoration of the March on Washington in August .

For CD and WAV versions please email:
Bruce Rucker   [email protected] or Thornell Jones [email protected]

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