Will Don Lemon be Next? CNN Anchor Allegedly Tipped Jussie Smollet off

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First, Chris Cuomo got fired from CNN for tipping off his brother and accusations of sexual misconduct. His brother, the former Governer or NY Andrew Cuomo, communicated with Chris about the case during the investigation into sexual misconduct where 11 women complained about him, which is against CNN’s journalistic standards. Chris used his position to get information and tip-off his brother.

Now CNN anchor Don Lemon is in the hot seat for sending Jussie Smollet a text. The text indicated that Chicago police did not believe Smollett’s racist attack claim by two supposed white men that ended up being an alleged mea culpa set up by Smollett, which involved the African immigrant Osundairo brothers.

Smollett claims he was attacked by two white men while coming home from a Subway shop late at night in Chicago. In a no-holds-barred testimony, Smollett has responded to the brothers who claim they didn’t know him well by admitting that he and Abimbola Osundairo spent nights at a gay bathhouse and had sexual encounters. The Osundairo brothers have repeatedly denied being gay because of the extreme homophobia in Africa, where they still have family. Smollett stated the two engaged in mutual masturbation amongst other sexual activities.

Industry vet Frank Gatson, managing Smollett, suggested Smollett call the police when he arrived at the apartment after the attack.

Smollett states he would have never called the police about the situation if Gatson hadn’t persuaded him to do so.

Don Lemon, in essence, did the same thing as Chris Cuomo. Will he be fired too?


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