Why Stevie Nicks Wrote Kanye West a Heartfelt Letter

Why Stevie Nicks Wrote Kanye West a Heartfelt Letter

stevie nicks
Stevie Nicks

Always great to see legendary artists stay on top of current music and still be able to tour. Nicks found out during a recent Huff Post interview that Kanye West is obsessed with her solo material.

Stevie Nicks responded by saying…Why does my music touch artists like Kanye West? I would say, a) I didn’t know that but I like him very much and, b) I actually wrote him a letter once after his mom died.

I wrote him a three-page letter that was about how I felt about losing his mother and what she must have meant to him and the way that he lost her in such a crazy way. And I never sent it to him because I thought “Oh, be’ll just think this is stupid and what does this girl want with me and what is she writing about my mother for.?”

And so I never sent it. So I’m very interested and touched by the fact that you say that there is some love from him towards my music and I might just have to type that letter up and send it off now. You can read the entire story here

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