Why Do We Hide Our Success in the Black Community (video)


This may not apply to all black people but in the entertainment industry, there tends to be a drive to play down success. I work in the radio and broadcast industry and constantly hear that it’s not a good idea to ruffle any feathers. I myself have been guilty of it too.

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  1. Kevin, you make a great point. We must blow our own horns. It seems to me to be a good idea to have a press release on a schedule. Whether it is once a week, a month, once a quarter, etc. Certainly, we are doing something that will benefit the community and/or our business. How can our audience reach us if they don’t have the information?

  2. Great point. I’ve often assumed that one of the reasons that folks downplay success is to not present as a potential robbery target. For example, one of the (white) vloggers I follow publishes his monthly income. I would be hesitant simply because I wouldn’t want to attract unnecessary attention from unscrupulous elements.


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