Welfare Check on Senior Citizen Uncovers Decomposing Body                    


    A welfare check uncovered the decomposing body of a 75-year-old man, police, and sources said. On Wednesday, the victim was found in a Brooklyn home that possibly contained biohazard chemicals and weapons of mass destruction.

    Around 1 p.m. on 101 Avenue in Cypress Hills, police said authorities made the grim discovery while performing a welfare check on the senior citizen. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, although sources said the man appeared dead for at least a week.

    According to police, questionable items were recovered from the home, including containers with biohazard labels and weapons of mass destruction illustrations. Police are not sure if the canisters contain harmful substances. Police do not suspect that the victim is connected to any terrorist plot.

    The NYPD said they had started an investigation to determine the origins of the contents found at the apartment.

    On Wednesday, the sources said the block had been closed, and the FBI was on the scene.

    Until the family is notified, police said the body will not be identified.


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