The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Says Some People Were “Idiots” For Getting Kicked out of Beyoncé’s Secret Album Release Party (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show said some people were “idiots” for getting kicked out of Beyoncé’s secret album release party. A few people were booted out of Beyoncé’s album release party in New York City for not following the rules.

    According to reports, Beyoncé was lovely to everyone, having conversations. She thanked everyone for attending. The source continued that a few people got kicked out for being drunk and foolish. They did not know how to act. The source added that people were also escorted out of the event for recording videos.

    Security put tape over people’s camera lenses so they would not record video, and if they got caught, they were put out, said Da Brat. She declared that it would be the same at her parties. She will put tape over the camera lens, and if a person gets caught recording, they will be politely escorted out.

    Tina Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother, took to Instagram to praise her daughter for all the hard work concerning her album. She said, “I’ve watched for over two years all the constant hard work and sacrifice… of time with her family. All the night sessions. Working while sick, weekends, and then nurturing three kids. Time away from her supportive husband. The blood, sweat, and tears. I say that no one works harder than Beyoncé. No human being, I know… she deserves and earns everything she gets,” Lawson continued. “Absolutely nothing is handed to her. She minds her own business and does not speak badly of anyone. Never puts anyone down is always loyal and kind, so I am so proud of you.”

    Da Brat Agreed with Lawson that Beyoncé is a lovely person and does not keep up drama. Da Brat said the people that got kicked out of the party were fools. Instead of getting kicked out, she would have just enjoyed the party and had a memory for herself.


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