Vet Radio DJ Kesha Monk Does TV Spot for Dreamworks

423109_10151203988288999_2049637634_nThere couldn’t be another person who deserves this more. Congrats from Kevin and the staff at Radio Facts Kesha. In addition, we hope this great story provides inspiration for so many Black radio people who are under the impression that radio is the end of the road for their potential success.A few months aga, Kesha Monk entered a contest seeking Great Voice Talent. She didn’t win the contest but she did get a contract from the company. That has turned into a great opportunity for her first major gig recording a series of TV spots for Dreamworks. The moral to the story is you don’t know the answer to a question until you either: 1). Ask the question or 2). Make the effort. Contracts Kesha.

I still can’t believe how my life is taking a complete turn. I keep asking Eugene Myrick to pinch me ’cause it just doesn’t seem real. Hope y’all don’t mind me OVERsharing…but I am tickled pink about this new gig. God is truly amazing. Was fired in ’08 . . the syndicated show with Randy Jackson from American Idol ended in ’10 and then KinkyCancer tried me. I’m probably am just gonna have to be a preacher or something. Too much to keep to myself. #Glorrrrrrrrray!

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