Radio DJ Ronald Kirsh Arrested for Trying to Seduce 13-Year-Old Girl

HENDERSON, NV   A   radio DJ and former CSN professor is caught in an FBI sting, trying to lure a 13-year-old into having sex with him online.  Henderson police confirm Ronald Kirsh was arrested in the sting. Police say they had been tracking Kirsh’s activity in online chat rooms for more than a year. Henderson police and the FBI worked in a task force to catch Kirsh, but they don’t want to talk about how they did it. They fear any information they give will help online predators avoid getting caught. According to police reports, an officer posed as a teen girl in a chat room. When News 3 looked in a teen chat room, the sexual references found there were endless. Police say Kirsh made many similar sexual suggestions, ultimately leading to his arrest.The conversations reportedly lasted more than a year, with Kirsh writing about living out a daddy-daughter fantasy. Police are keeping quiet about Kirsh’s case and will not divulge how they catch online predators.

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