Twenty years of on-air action with Jon Moshier

When he was a kid of around 6 or 8 years old, as it’s recalled, Jon Moshier roved around in ways children that age tend to: curiously and without preset destination. Often armed with a portable tape recorder, his preferred pastime was documenting the sounds of the late ’70s world around him. You’d find young Jon with his prized RealTone cassette recorder next to the family radio, taping songs he knew. He’d fade the volume down a bit and say something into the deck about the music or musicians, then fade the music back in. For the past two decades, this radio warrior has been doing practically the exact same thing, for a living.Jon Moshier grew up the youngest of five in the Motor City suburb of Bloomfield Hills; music was unavoidable in his home.  Twelve years his elder, sister Libbie was on the classic rock kick, namely Jimi Hendrix, Cat Stevens and the Beatles. Brothers

Dan and Tim ventured through the new wave and punk rock thing. Tim had records from B-52s, the Talking Heads and the Clash… (read the whole story here)

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