TRENDING: 54 Year-Old-Man on Train Rocks Young Dude for Disrespecting Him


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I really want to use this forum to talk about the things that we don't talk about on urban radio. Some of our children have lacked discipline for decades now. Usually I would not post something like this and I do not condone violence but after watching it 3 times I realized that I actually felt for older dude who literally beat the 5th grade out of the younger man for disrespecting him on the train. “I'm tired of these young motha fu#&as keep thinking somebody playin' with em.” The man states , he goes on to say “I'm 54 years old!” How many of us over 40 can't sympathize with the older dude. Being a black man, trying to work a legitimate job and probably struggling.
It's been eons since I have seen a fight in the black community that didn't involve camera phones with people yelling “World Star,” or guns, knives, weaves or home depot ass implants as weapons. No matter what you think of the physical violence, this black man shows up. How many of us have seen younger blacks disrespecting the older generations in our community? I don't believe in preachers or religion so I don't want to sound like one but we are responsible for maintaining order in our community and one of the greatest drawbacks has been black men not showing up to be fathers for reasons that were not always their own. As a result many kids have no respect for older black folks at all. Those of us over 40 learned to respect the elders in the neighborhood and would have been executed for the the way some of these kids treat older black people today. Yes some of it, hell a LOT of it was abuse back then but we have veered all the way to the other end of the spectrum thanks to the crack epidemic in the early 80s and the other tragedies that hit our community around the same time. The little structure and community connection that we had was ripped from the shreds.
I've seen videos of young black girls beating up the grandmother trying to stop a fight where her granddaughter is getting jumped and I've seen young brothers knock old black men out cold and laugh. Here the older man obviously exhausted from working as a painter all day is fed up. He goes left when he is disrespected by the younger dude and his boy who wisely clears the scene before the video starts. The older black man beckons for the other young dude saying “Where you at young'en, I got something for yo ass too!” Obviously older dude had a lot on his mind. What makes this the most interesting is the young dude keeps coming back for more almost as if he wanted to get his ass kicked. Do you denote some sort of psychological need for the two to connect? Almost like father and son? This video speaks volumes. [flowplayer id=”153544″]

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