TLC’s One Big Happy Family: Jury Still Out (vid)


As I watch the mother making those Gamammoth Pancakes with at least a pound of butter per cake, I am forced to admit, they do look good, I had to watch it again and was shocked to see that each of these Big’ens had their own personal buffet on each plate. There is enough food on EACH plate to FEED a family of four. LOOK at the amount of food on those plates! I can’t talk, I need to lose some weight too but DAMN. They are not even trying. The boy says he mother gave him fried chicken before his teeth were in. That’s child abuse. This is all the parents fault, I’m sorry. These kids have to suffer now because their parents were selfish. By the same token the parents, parents were probably the same way. Well AT LEAST they’re intelligent.. TLC could have made it a lot worse and at least they take responsibility for their problem, I give them credit for that too.


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