Today, Swedish artist and renowned songwriter Elina (real name Elina Stridh) has released a brand new single called “Another Round.” Listen to the track everywhere now here.

A gorgeous piano-lined ballad steeped in poignant nostalgia, Elina describes the track:

“I’ve actually had this song as a draft on my phone for years, and it finally ended up as ‘Another Round.’ It’s always had a somewhat nostalgic nature, revolving lyrically around a phone call to someone from the past. I’m personally very good at romanticising the past. I guess it’s a common phenomena. It’s like there’s a place within, holding all the memories of times you truly miss. Times where things were brighter and you were happier, acting as a constant reminder to yourself – especially when you’re questioning things in your life or going through a rough time. Deep down I know that I wouldn’t want to actually return to those times or places. Still, it’s kind of a happiness bank for me. I’m not talking about young love in particular, but all kinds of things. I won’t ever actually have access to this dreamy happy place but I can stop by right outside and sit down when I need to, absorbing some of its light.”

“Another Round” comes on the heels of previous single “Free,” a folk-inspired song bursting with lush melodies and self-reflective lyricism. The track was playlisted on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ and saw love from outlets like 1883 Magazine and EUPHORIA, who debuted the song’s gorgeous live video. Listen to “Free” everywhere here.

The new singles are Elina’s first since her May 2019 debut EP, In Hindsight. The EP was a bold first statement for the budding artist, with standout singles “Wild Enough,” “Champion,” and “Here With Me” sparking a run of 70 million+ Spotify streams and counting.

Before debuting her artist project in April 2018, Elina had already made an impression as a highly sought-after songwriter, penning hits for artists such as Zara Larsson, Astrid S, Maroon 5 / SZA “What Lovers Do,” among many more. In total, her songwriting catalog has generated over 1 billion streams.

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