Super Hi-Fi Adds Tristan Jehan to Advisory Board


Former Spotify Head of Research Joins the Fast-Growing AI Audio Tech Service to Advance Music Industry Innovation

Super Hi-Fi, the company using AI to transform the space between songs into relevant and personalized content to improve the digital listening experience, today announced Tristan Jehan is joining the company as a strategic advisor on matters of music science and technology. Tristan comes with an extraordinary set of knowledge from his time as co-founder of the Echo Nest and later as Principal Scientist and Head of Research at Spotify.

“The future of audio experiences goes well beyond the playlist,” said Tristan. “Super Hi-Fi is showing the way by deploying intelligent AI production tools and technologies, including content programming and smooth content transitions. I’m looking forward to helping the team bring these experiences to the world.”

On the heels of winning the Midemlab Startup Competition this past June and recent partnership announcements with SonosPlay Network, and TouchTunes, Super Hi-Fi is capitalizing on its momentum to support future partners domestically and internationally. Super Hi-Fi’s AI audio platform currently executes over 1 billion audio transitions per month for its clients, demonstrating that personalized, AI-produced music and audio segments are available for delivery literally in real-time. This scale also gives Super Hi-Fi unique data that provides deep music insights and listening trends.

“Tristan’s deep knowledge of music and the opportunity for AI to advance the industry makes him a huge asset to our team,” said Zack Zalon, CEO of Super Hi-Fi. “We are excited to have him advise us and to leverage his experience on how services need to differentiate and stay competitive.”

Super Hi-Fi’s highly scaled and fully patented artificial intelligence audio platform was built from the ground up to help music services of all kinds deliver the next generation listening experiences. From streaming, broadcast radio, digital fitness music, and retail music, Super Hi-Fi’s technology can transform a playlist into highly personalized and produced tapestries of music, interstitials, voice-overs, sonic logos, ads, and virtually any kind of audio–all in real-time.

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