Steve Harvey Talks to Tank About his 10th and Final Album (VIDEO)


    Steve Harvey Talks to Tank About his 10th and final album. Tank said Steve Harvey has been there for him since day one and has shown him much love and support in his career. Tank said his newest album is of his traditional singing style and has already boasted two #1 singles.

    The morning show talked about Tank’s songs and how they make a person feel. Tank said the first nine tracks of his album are perfect for setting the mood for a couple. Tank said R&B music has always been a place where a person could introduce themselves, reintroduce themselves, or spark a flame because the music can have a conversation for its listeners without them having to say a word.

    The morning show played tanks record “Slow.” The artist said he did not write or produce the song, but felt the record represented the message he wanted to convey.

    Harvey wanted to know what was next for the hitmaker. Tank said, now that he has released his 10th and final album, he wants to provide a voice and a place for younger artists to go to get their start.

    “The last great R&B label was LA Face records with LA Reid and Babyface… I feel like it’s my responsibility to put myself in a place where I can build this R&B label,” said Tank.

    Steve Harvey says that even though it is Tank’s last album, the host knows she will see more of the talented artist. Harvey encouraged fans to purchase the final album “R&B Money.


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