Spotify Aiming Towards India Launch By End of January

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radiofacts.comSpotify has been mobilizing around a possible India launch for years, and could finally do so as soon as January 31st. The company has not solidified the appropriate deals with the three major label groups, Sony, Universal, and Warner, but Spotify could launch regardless (the big three don’t have the same industry domination in India).Monday morning Spotify announced it had solidified a content deal with T-Series, India’s leading music and film company, netting a vast array of content that will be popular in the region. Industry rumors expect Spotify to host a launch party in Mumbai on January 31st.Spotify currently needs to expand its deals further if it wants a full launch in India, however–a country of 1.33 billion people with a multitude of regions and languages, Spotify needs to expand its multilanguage services and music options into Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali.



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