SoundCloud Expands Creator Education Program with Launch of “SC101”

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 SoundCloud today introduced a new video and live event series, SC101, as the latest addition to its longstanding education program for music and audio creators. SC101 is designed to give creators an easy, frictionless entry point into SoundCloud’s creator education ecosystem, the SoundCloud Creator Guide, through more accessible video and live event formats.
Presented by SoundCloud employees, SC101 rolls out with a 9-part, two-minute video series available now on SoundCloud. Each video in the series breaks down a key topic fast, with step-by-step product walk-throughs and actionable tips, presented in a fun, accessible format. SC101 topics are curated directly from SoundCloud’s 20 million plus creator community and SoundCloud employees, reflecting subjects that are most asked about and important to creators.
The initial slate of videos cover core audience building topics such as profile development, tagging tracks, and sharing your work effectively. More advanced subjects, including monetization and distribution, will follow this fall in the series’ second installment.
As home to the world’s largest audio creator community, SoundCloud is dedicated to giving all audio creators the tools they need to succeed. SC101 is one more way that creators at all levels can leverage the tools available on SoundCloud with the added value of quickly building out the powerful, early connections between creators, collaborators, and listeners that translate into more plays and more fans.
Later this year, SC101 will expand offline with live events and demos in different cities and communities around the world. Location and dates will be announced soon.
SC101 videos can be found in our Creator Guide and cover topics including:
Setting Up Your Profile
Learn how to kick start your music career – and stand out. This 101 gives you the 411 on how to build your profile to make sure your music persona shines through.
Sharing Your Tracks
From keeping your uploads private while you perfect them to sharing links on Instagram when they’re ready for promotion – here’s how to be heard on your terms.
Engagement On SoundCloud
SoundCloud is all about community – you get what you give. Find out how to grow your network and get more plays by promoting your content and engaging with others’.
Optimizing Your Tracks
From using tags to drive up your plays, to replacing your audio file without losing your stats – we’re sharing tips on how to set your tracks up for success.
The Power of Stats
Learn how basic user stats like plays, likes, and reposts can tell you what’s working and which fans are helping you do the heavy lifting. And our advanced analytics can tell you who listens to your music the most and the cities you should swing by on your next tour.



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