Something Great About Stacy Abrams Makes You Want to See Her Win (video)

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Stacy Abrams states that when Donald Trump won the presidency, she was deeply depressed than 24 hours later deeply encouraged to do something about policy by helping to create change. Targeting the often disenfranchised you can see in this video how well she connects with people. There is something about her level of confidence that is incredibly refreshing and honest.Stacy makes you want to support her vision. It’s quite interesting that as black as George is, it’s not reflected or represented in the greater political system there. We hope she wins, breaks tradition and becomes the first black female governor of the state. KUDOS Stacy. To all our Georgia readers make sure you vote for her on Nov 6.

She’s the Ticket | 102 | Stacey Abrams“I went into a deep depression for about 24 hours and then I got back to work.” Stacey Abrams was already active in government, but the last election provoked her as never before. Now she wants to be the first female governor of Georgia. She’s one of the five extraordinary women profiled in our new series She’s the Ticket.Posted by She’s The Ticket on Tuesday, October 31, 2017



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