Radio on the Digital Cliff Podcast with author Larry Miller and Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross from the Radio Facts Radio Show interviews Professor Larry Miller about his controversial white paper RADIO ON THE DIGITAL CLIFF:A Study of the Changing Audio Entertainment Paradigm and Radio’s Response(New York, NY) Highly respected music industry expert, and head of the Steinhardt Music Business Program at New York University,Larry Miller, released a special report today, titled PARADIGM SHIFT: WHY RADIO MUST ADAPT TO THE RISE OF DIGITAL, which details the current state of terrestrial radio in the United States.Download this episode (right click and save)

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  1. Great interview, Kevin. I’ve read the report also, and it’s very telling. Thanks for asking “my” question, about radio shooting itself in the foot. I agree with Mr. Miller that consultants per se are not the problem, but the other factors you mentioned definitely are. Nice work!
    Jerry Wells


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