Radio and Music Industry-Wide Stress Poll


radiofacts, stressRadio and Music Industry-wide Stress Poll

This week, we have been on the phone, getting emails and exchanging text messages with more Black radio PDs than in the entire history of Radio Facts but the PD Stress/Depression Poll sparked massive interest not only from our target programmers but from MANY people in the industry including label people, Radio DJs, major and independent artists, producers, marketing and promotions and small business owners in the industry. We are all seeking the top spots or as many stated even to remain relevant and we have seen a LOT of people succumb to industry stress. How long can we keep going when we are stressed out? I asked a PD that yesterday. His response was “That’s a great question.”   Here are some of the interesting comments we have gotten this week concerning stress:Urban PD: “I’ve noticed I’ve been drinking more than usual”Record Label Exec: “Looks can be deceiving, being on top is not as hard as staying there.”An Urban PD: “A bad week, (PPM) may not be a big deal but it’s still stressful”‘An Urban PD: “Man, I can’t stop eating”A Major Artist: “An artist is only as good as his last hit, or flop”Independent Promoter: “Independent promotions is drying up and all the good projects keep going to the same people”Record Promoter: “PDs don’t do what they say they will do and that makes me look bad”An Independent Marketing Pro: “I’ve done the work, where’s my f’kn money”An Older Unemployed Programmer: “The industry discriminates against older industry people”An Young Urban Radio Radio DJ: “How can I do a great show if I can’t be myself and I have to watch what I say?”An Older Urban AC Radio DJ: “My options are more limited than ever.”A Producer: “You can be unseated in an instant, there’s always a new producer rising through the ranks and only a fool gets comfortable with a couple of hits.”An Older Singer: “I don’t have money to give a way, promoters don’t always do what they say they can do.”We wanted to do a poll on industry stress from ALL areas, we will post the results next week. This poll is anonymous. You can take it here 

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