PODCAST: Black Excellence? Say "Good Job" More often Where Warranted

Radio Facts:

This morning I wrote a story about the 10 Questions most asked to me about radio. As I have done for the past 25 years I went into it blindly not knowing (or thinking) that I cared what people thought.

Over the years I have often been surprised when people have stopped me to tell me how much a story that I wrote meant to them or how I have been an inspiration to them and I will readily admit, I’ve been insulted and judged enough in my life to think that if black people don’t say ANYTHING, it’s a better than them saying something that will probably be insulting. My rearing brought me to that conclusion and I am consistently working on putting an end to it.

We all have a level of sensitivity no matter how strong we appear and cynicism and sarcasm is often a way for people who have been deeply judged to beat his or her oppressors to the punch. Supporting each other especially during times like these can keep a mind from wandering into the depths of a dark abyss.

I reached out to tell at least three black people in the last 10 days what a great job they were doing via something I saw online and all three expressed the deepest gratitude and appreciation and all three said “Especially coming from someone like you, Kevin.”

I would be lying if I said I am not curious about why they feel that way but that would speak to my own need to replenish my value bottle that might be a bit low on content at this time (lol). It is one thing to be confident but another thing to have great self-esteem.

I implure my black brothers and sisters to take few minutes away from harshly demolishing Trump and his issues, not to say that are not deeply concerning, to take a minute and pat another black person on the back for a job well done. MEAN it don’t just do it. Someone who has been working hard, who is innovative or who is really trying to make a difference. LET THEM KNOW. It is indeed fuel to a vehicle what certainly needs it becauase without it, the car will eventually stop moving.

My best.

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