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Pirate Radio Station Plays Nonstop Geto Boys Unedited


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: The radio just got a whole lot more interesting in West Price Hill, Ohio. Tuesday night, June 30, and Wednesday afternoon, July 1, someone hijacked the frequency of the FM station 87.9 and played the unedited versions of the Geto Boys music uninterrupted and nonstop.
The residents of West Price Hill were not too happy as they really thought their minds were playing tricks on them. Yes, that pun was intended. One of the local residents, Pete Witte, noted, he did not approve of kids being able to hear such language on the radio. I know don’t know why this is so funny to me but it really is. Witte said that the FCC needs to step in and figure out what went wrong. It may be too late now as the station is currently only playing static. Check out the news report below from the local media to see their coverage of the fiasco.

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