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Mass Shooting Near Recreation Center Where Children Were Nearby in Philly, 5 Shot (Video)

Six suspects fired 100 shots near a Philadelphia recreation center where children were nearby. Three suspects were caught, and three remain at large. All three men in custody are 22 years of age and will be charged with attempted murder.

Two of the people shot are in serious critical condition after being shot in the head. It happened, police believe, from a feud between two groups.

The shooting occurred at The Shepard Recreation Center at 5700 Haverford Ave in West Philadelphia around 57th street. One man named Demetrius Green said his three young children had to dive to avoid flying bullets, as children were playing nearby.

The shooting took place after a basketball game. Police on neighborhood patrol were nearby when one of the suspects was spotted with a handgun, jumped in a white Dodge Durango, and took off. They pursued him and caught three of the men in the Durango and recovered nine guns, including two assault rifles.

The Durango crashed and police took them into custody. Police say all six will be vigorously charged with attempted murder and other charges when the other three who escaped are captured. Here the video captures 15 seconds of gunfire. 

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