Love Mansuy Shares New Single “Same Way”


Today, Montreal-born, New Jersey-raised artist Love Mansuy (his birth given name; pronounced “mon-swee”) has shared a new single titled “Same Way,” taken from the second part of his double-sided EP (món-swee), which will be released November 13th.

“Same Way” is another heartfelt examination of overcoming hardships in a relationship in order to forge a healthy path forward.

Titled after his surname, (món-swee) finds Love excavating his past in order to make sense of the present. Splitting the EP into two sides (A and B), Love shows the dynamism in his sound and story. (món-swee) Side A released last month and features appearances from Love’s son Carter Mansuy, Liv.e and Lil Wayne.

The project includes Love’s two recent singles, “Calm Me Down” and “I’ll Be There” featuring Carter Mansuy, which are contemplations on fatherhood and partnership, with the accompanying music videos shot by Love’s childhood friend, Quran Squire.

On (món-swee) Side B, Love taps into the nostalgia of his childhood, reminiscing about more carefree times before he became a father, hanging out with his cousins in New Jersey and enjoying the ecstasy of youthful self-discovery. Musically on Side B, Love pays homage to some of his early musical influences, including everyone from Coldplay to Adele and even Paramore. Those references radiate on the Side B songs “When We Were Kids” and “Saturdays.”

This new music from Love Mansuy is a dawn of a new creative journey, showcasing a more diverse palette of sound, as Love reimagines masculinity and fatherhood by exploring vulnerability, desire, companionship, self-care and meditations on reconnecting with his own father, childhood and family. For more on Love Mansuy visit:

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