Learn How To Podcast Online


PodcastThe podcast is revolutionizing storytelling, and you want to be a part of it all. But do you have what it takes? First off, where will you find the time and money to pull it off? Do you have the technical know-how to record, edit and get your podcast out there? And how will you tell compelling stories that grab listeners attention and keep them coming back for more?This first-ever CreativeLive Podcasting Week is designed to help you find success in this growing sphere. You’ll spend five days with some of the most accomplished podcasters in the business, learning everything you need to know to create and produce fascinating stories that people want to hear.Each day will cover a different theme, with instructors guiding you through every step of the process— from pre-production to building an audience — to ensure your success. Over the course of the week, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the podcasting landscape and where you fit in.
  • Figure out your budget and ways to monetize your efforts.
  • Come up with interesting topics to cover and guests to interview.
  • Tell your story in a compelling way to get people hooked.
  • Mix and edit your audio for maximum impact.
  • Get your podcast on the air and sustain it as a weekly podcast.
  • Find a reliable audience through advertising, PR and social media.

Our instructors work at the leading edge of the audio storytelling and the podcasting space. They include:Julie Shapiro – Executive Producer of RadiotopiaAlexandra DiPalma – Audio Producer for Akimbo, Seth Godin’s PodcastCal Peternell – Author, Executive Chef and Host of Cooking By EarKristina Loring – Producer of Cooking By EarTania Ketenjian – CEO of Sound Made PublicJonathan Fields – Host of The Good Life Project PodcastJim Briggs – Lead sound designer for Reveal PodcastBrad Smith – Founder and CEO of Audios Ventures, the home of SimplecastJordan Harbinger – Host of The Jordan Harbinger ShowRay Ortega – Host of The Podcasters’ Studio PodcastJeff Emtman – Producer and Host of the Here Be Monsters PodcastSrinivas Rao – Host and founder to the popular podcast, The Unmistakable CreativeFor More Information go HERE 


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