Digital and Radio Facts Kentucky State University ranked among the nation’s top institutions by Washington Monthly – Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University recently ranked among the nation’s top institutions in Washington Monthly’s college guides.

Kentucky State ranked as the 76th best bachelor’s college in the nation. This category consists of institutions that award a high number of bachelor’s degrees above other degrees. Kentucky State was the second highest ranking institution in the Commonwealth.

Kentucky State received a high ranking – ninth – in the research category.

According to its website, the research score for bachelor’s colleges is based on the total amount of an institution’s research spending and the number of undergraduate alumni who have gone on to receive a PhD in any subject, relative to the size of the college.

Kentucky State also ranked 130th as the best bang for your buck  in the South.

According to Washington Monthly, it is a “list of schools ranked according to how well they help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices. The list is created by isolating the social mobility metrics from the main rankings of four-year institutions.”

Click here to read more about the rankings.

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