Joe Budden Says Omarion Minimized His Catalog during Verzuz (VIDEO)


    Following the latest Verzuz between Mario and Omarion, Joe Budden discusses that he feels Omarion minimized his catalog during the competition. 

    “He minimized his catalog, and did not plan or strategize for a Verzuz,” Budden said. “He ran out there like this was the millennium tour.”

    Budden believes that Omarion should have taken the opportunity to perform one of his hits that he is featured on titled “Bria’s” interlude, and felt as if he hindered himself by not doing so. 

    “Nobody else did that but him. Drake was in his great room, rolling around, passing out, d— near having a seizure probably. How could you do that to ‘So Far Gone’ even?, Budden said when referring to the single ‘Bria’s Interlude’ that features Omarion on Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ project.


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