Jermaine Jackson Officially Changes his Name to Jermaine Jacksun

Jermaine JackHis first name ain’t baby, it’s Jermaine, Mr. Jacksun if your serious. The 58-year-old singer and original member of the Jackson 5 known as Jermaine Jackson since birth, has officially been given permission by the  court to change his name. Known as Michael Jackson’s big brother, he filed the petition for the name change, which he said was for “artistic reasons,” back in November. “If Prince and P Diddy can do it, why can’t and shouldn’t Jermaine?” Jacksun’s attorney, Bret D. Lewis, said at the time.Jermaine is currently on tour with his brothers, the remaining members of the original Jackson 5: Marlon, Jackie and Tito, so he was not at the official court hearing. If most of you recall, this is not Jermaine’s first name change. He unofficially took the name Mohammad Abdul Aziz after converting to Islam back in 1989. Let’s see if this will stick or maybe later her will just become a symbol.

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