Intern Allegedly Embezzeles Money from Steve Harvey

At this point, Steve is so rich it’s amazing that he would even miss this amount of money but according to sources in Atlanta, he did. Steve Harvey recently discovered that a Clark intern, 22-year-old Kyle Reynolds, allegedly stole money from Harvey’s Atlanta offices. The amount was $10,000 which the intern denied he stole but he offered to pay the money back nonetheless so that “it can just be over.”
Harvey gave the intern a chance to make good on his offer but Reynolds reneged. At that point, Harvey’s c filed a police report. The report states a video camera shows Reynolds, who is not authorized to do so, entering Harvey’s office.   Reynolds states he was going in the office to get a soft drink but he came out without one in his possession but there was also no evidence that he had the cash on him per the video.
The $10,000 had been delivered to Harvey’s office just minutes before by a bank employee. Reynolds returned to NY and has not been arrested or charged at this point. It would appear, Harvey can’t prove the allegation since there is no evidence. Steve better hope the young man doesn’t turn around and sue him for a much larger amount for defamation. Why would you have someone deliver cash to your office when you are not there?


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